Warning To All
Content Creators !

To Authors, Designers & Content Creators Of Books, Planners, Journals, Kindle Listings & All Digital Or Physical Products, You Must Know This To Protect Your Creations Or Lose Them …

“The Top 4 Copyright Law Traps All Content Creators Must Avoid”

One. The person writing the content OWNS the copyright, NOT YOU, even if you hired someone to write all or any part of it. An email from writerguy796@gmail.com or an agreement with writerguy84 at upwork.com or Fiverr.com saying otherwise is not what you need to give you ownership of the content.

Copyright law requires that you have the proper legal documents to transfer ownership to you, to provide proof of ownership, to protect against legal problems and also when you register the copyright.

Two. The artist producing the images, pictures, photos or artwork, for your book, OWNs the copyright, NOT YOU, even if you hired them to do it. An email from artistguy796@gmail.com or an agreement with writerguy84 at upwork.com or Fiverr.com saying otherwise is not what you need to give you ownership of the content.

Copyright law requires that you have the proper legal documents to transfer ownership to you, to provide proof of ownership, to protect against legal problems and also when you register the copyright.

Three. The Web site designer making the author’s Web site OWNs the copyright, NOT YOU. An email from webdesignguy796@gmail.com or an agreement with webdesignguy84 at odesk.com or Fiverr.com saying otherwise is not what you need to give you ownership of the content.

Copyright law requires that you have the proper legal documents to transfer ownership to you, to provide proof of ownership, to protect against legal problems and also when you register the copyright.

Four. The words “Work For Hire” are not magic words conveying ownership from the original content creator to the person paying them. The concept of a “work made for hire” is difficult to understand.  In fact, many lawyers get it wrong.

The concept is based on its definition in copyright law and U.S. Supreme Court case rulings and is limited to certain specific circumstances and works. The law surrounding
the ”Work For Hire” concept is very complicated and only applies in certain limited circustances.

Copyright law requires that you have the proper legal documents to transfer ownership to you, to provide proof of ownership, to protect against legal problems and also when you register the copyright.



More Content Creator Legal Traps Waiting To Happen

For some reason, many people doing business on the Internet, unlike offline, throw common sense out the window, don’t take the proper business precautions and don’t put the proper legal protections in place, believing they don’t need them, until the damage is beyond repair and they lose everything.

Whether it is hiring someone they know little about, to do something for their business, or relying on legally insufficient emails as evidence of a transaction, at some point, you can be certain that a problem will arise and it will be an expensive legal nightmare, where you could lose the rights to your intellectual property content.

Doing business on the Internet, doesn’t convey some magical immunity from throwing required business practices out the window.

One of the funnier and more extreme examples of not using your common sense, is the old State Farm commercial, where the attractive, gullible girl says they can’t put anything on the Internet that isn’t true. She is about to go on a date with a man she met on the Internet that told her he is a French model, where by his appearance it is obvious he isn’t.

Don’t you fall into the trap, as an author, when it comes to someone telling you by email, that the content, picture or image you hired them to make is ok to use. That is not legally sufficient.

You need the proper legal documents to transfer ownership to you. As an author and content creator, the same holds true for book quotes, book ghostwriters, a book interview, a book translation, a chapter contributor, a book contributor, a book introduction, a book forward, a book artist, a researcher, a virtual assistant, any employee that assists you or any other content that finds its way into your book or intellectual property creation.

Without the proper legal documents to transfer the copyrights and ownership to you, YOU DO NOT OWN the copyright.

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Escape This Nightmare Story – Avoid The Horror Of It All

These case study scenarios are real legal cases that actually happened.

If you read the forums for authors and content writers you know that Amazon, Etsy and other platforms have closed and banned a lot of accounts for copyright violations.

True Story: An author hired a ghostwriter to work on a book. Prior to payment the book was run through Copyscape.com and passed with flying colors because the work wasn’t published on the Internet.

The ghost writer was paid. The ghost writer then sold the same book again to another author and who knows how many others.

Under U.S. copyright law, all of the innocent parties, including Amazon, Etsy & all platforms your work is on are liable for copyright infringement. All content platforms, as Amazon did, will act quickly sending notice they were banning the author accounts. Had the content creator had the proper legal documents from the ghost writer, they would have been protected.

As a content creator you must run your publishing business like a real business, using the proper legal documents, or risk losing everything.

Don’t put yourself at risk. Save Your Content Creator Accounts Like Kindle & Etsy Before It’s Too Late …

Behind The Scenes – How This Content Creator Series Of Legal Protection Documents Happened For You Because Of The TV Series “The Good Wife.”


Once upon a time, in the city of dreams, in a galaxy far far away there was a popular TV Series (2009–2016) called The Good Wife. Since its premiere in September 2009, the series has been nominated for 43 Primetime Emmy Awards (winning five), 14 Golden Globe Awards (winning one), 12 Satellite Awards, 9 SAG Awards (winning two), 6 TCA Awards (winning two) and 22 Critics’ Choice Television Awards (winning two), among others.

I had created a political satire book with my name as author on the cover in giant letters, along with the title and a political photograph. The series showrunner wanted to have a scene in their storyline with a closeup shot of the book cover. The show needed intellectual property rights clearance to use my book.

Their attorney contacted me and we literally spent a full week sending various signed legal agreements, back and forth, by email and finally when all that was done, my book had a scene in the show.

Thinking back on that recently, it was the genesis for this eureka, light bulb goes off in my head moment to create a complete library of must have legal protection documents for content creators.

I knew content creators were not aware that they didn’t own the copyrights to their creations when anyone else had any part in developing their works. Without the legal knowledge to fully understand the importance of proper intellectual property rights protections and how to protect themselves, someone else literally owned their copyrights.

That is the true behind the scenes story of how these content creator legal documents came to be made for you, my fellow content creators. (Now before I am tarred-and-feathered by my female friends, remember “fellow” is a gender neutral word.)

Author Assignment of Copyright prepared by Intellectual Property Attorney Bob Silber – This is the copyright transfer legal document that copyright law requires for you to transfer ownership rights to yourself from the author.

Attorney Bob Silber is a trial attorney with over 40 years’ experience practicing in all State and Federal courts. Bob is a former adjunct professor teaching business, Intellectual property and Internet law at Florida Atlantic University. Bob has been an invited speaker at major Internet marketing conferences throughout the country and has sponsored his own conferences, seminars and workshops, providing attendees with the latest legal developments for operating their online businesses. Living in Lighthouse Point, Florida Bob enjoys Internet marketing & creating products to help other entrepreneurs.

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Author Assignment of Copyright prepared by Intellectual Property Attorney Bob Silber – This is the copyright transfer legal document that copyright law requires for you to transfer ownership rights to yourself from the author.

This copyright transfer document will provide proof of ownership, protect you against legal problems and is what you will use when you register a copyright.

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VIP Bonus 1. This 6 page special report was written, for all Authors, Designers & Content Creators Of Books, Planners, Journals, Kindle & All Digital Or Physical Products, to provide a basic understanding of the copyright laws in the United States including the difficult to understand “Work For Hire.” It is a simple matter to follow the copyright laws prior to problems arising and this report is instructive as to how to do that.

VIP Bonus 2. This 15 page special report, Transfers of Copyright Ownership Filed In The U.S. Copyright Office, was written to explain all the requirements that you must know to correctly file your copyright ownership document. 


This is a recap of what you get today for this low one time fee. 


1. Author Assignment of Copyright – Personal Use License.

2. VIP Bonus One – The special report on copyright laws.

3. VIP Bonus Two – The special report on filing transfers of copyright.


Thank you,

D. Robert Silber P.A.

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It is an “Author Assignment of Copyright” Legal Form to transfer ownership of copyrights to you.

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It is a Microsoft Word docx document that is fully editable. You also receive the legal form in PDF format so you can copy & paste from the PDF into any text editor such as Notepad or other editor.

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There is a “No Refund” Policy: All Sales Are Final: We Do Not Refund Our Digital Downloaded Products. These legal documents are prepared by an experienced Intellectual property attorney. Like software sales, we will only replace defective materials, and don’t give refunds on these documents, which are delivered in a downloadable MS Word docx & PDF copy & paste digital format. You can’t have this material to read, use and copy and a refund too. We did not put this information and system together for the freebie seekers and serial refunders. Make 100% sure you are ready to use the materials before ordering. You either need them or you don’t. If not, then this offer isn’t for you. By ordering you are agreeing that there are no refunds once the documents are ordered.

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Are There International Copyrights:



There is no such thing as an “international copyright” that will automatically protect an author’s writings throughout the entire world. Protection against unauthorized use in a particular country depends, basically, on the national laws of that country.


The two primary copyright treaties are the Berne Convention & the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC).  120 countries have signed treaties in which they agree to extend reciprocal copyright protection to works of member countries. The U.S. has signed both.


To guarantee protection for a copyrighted work in all UCC member countries, the notice must consist of the symbol © and the year of first publication, and the name of the copyright proprietor. Example: © 2021 John Doe. Consult your attorney for further information. 


 All references are to U.S. laws.


Working With Foreigners In Another Country:

What if I live in the U.S. and hire someone in another country to work with me on my creative content?  Will I be able to use these legal documents? Yes, if you are in the U.S. you can use these content creator legal documents even if that person is in another country, to protect your work.  You can email the documents to them to be notarized and they can email them back to you.


Consular officials at any U.S. embassy or consulate abroad can provide a service similar to the functions of a notary public in the United States.  It is also possible to have a document notarized by a local foreign notary or local government official and then have the document authenticated by a U.S. consular officer.  Consult your attorney for further information. 

All references are to U.S. laws.

Are there any one-time-offers or upsells: 

Yes there are 4. There are no downsells, so if you pass on them, you don’t see them again.

OTO 1 is a package of 6 additional copyright protection legal documents. 

OTO 2 is a package of 6 different additional copyright protection legal documents.

OTO 3 is a combination of packages 1 and 2 OTOs (12 copyright protection legal documents.)

OTO 4 (Best Value) is a combination package of both 1 and 2 OTOs plus 9 additional copyright protection legal documents for a total of 21 copyright protection legal documents PLUS a valuable bonus of more legal documents. 




Why are there 4 packages of content creator legal documents:


Why you ask? Because the “Author Assignment of Copyright” Legal Form to transfer ownership of copyrights to you on this page is legally necessary for content creators to protect themselves with a work from a single author.

However, it is important to note that as a content creator the law requires that you use the proper legal document in your transactions. For example, if your transaction is with an artist or designer than you must use an artist agreement to protect yourself or you don’t own the copyright, the artist or designer does.

As a content creator myself I am making these additional document packages available to the community for pennies on the dollar. Why? Because it is good business. I can feel good about myself for giving back to my content creator community and I know that once you have my package of legal documents, you not only will be protected as a content creator, you will also be a happy customer that will give me future business. I know that you could not buy just ONE of these legal documents, from an Intellectual property attorney, for five times the cost of what I am offering the complete packages for. That is known as a win-win approach and has worked well for me and my customers
and clients over the years.


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You receive a non-transferable personal use only license that you can use unlimited times to transfer copyrights to yourself.

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After a successfull payment, you will immediately be directed to the download page where you can download your digital files. 

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