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Now you can show anyone how to create their own courses and get their piece of the billion dollar E Learning industry with the PLR license rights to this guide.


Whether you want to create your own courses or show others how to do it you can with the rights to this PLR guide  “How To Create Your Irresistible Online Course In Any Niche”


“Start Your Own PLR Course Empire Or Show Others How To Start Theirs”

E-Learning is an incredibly lucrative industry, as you can see in the statistical facts presented below, and this guide gives you the blueprint to crack that market by Creating Popular, Profitable Courses in any niche.

How To Quickly Make Online Courses …


1. Use your knowledge and experience of a subject to turn into a course.


2.  Learn about a topic by researching it like a high school book report.


3.  Use and combine PLR content you have on any topic and turn it into a course.

Creating sellable courses online is one of the best ways to take what someone knows or has learned by doing a little reseach and turn it into profit.  



Follow this guide to create an online course to help people solve their problems, or help people reach their goals, or even help people enjoy their interests.

The 49 page guide is organized for easy reference, with concise sections that are easy to read, digest and put to work immediately.  Anyone, from beginners to the experienced can follow the instructions and create an online course, using this guide.




Here Is A Sample Of What You Are About To Discover …


1. page 6 – Why using the chunk teaching method produces the best online course – & how do do it

2. page 9 – Never fail to do this before deciding on your course market and niche

3. page 11 – What you absolutely must do before deciding on a topic for your course

4. page 14 – What you must never do when naming your course.

5. page 17 – What are the essential elements needed for your course outline – omit them & you will fail

6. page 20 – The 18 indespensible components you must consider when deciding on your course content

7. page 31 – Why you must always position your course first, in your customer’s mind, for your niche market, & how to do it

8. page 32 – 37 – The eight essential sales letter elements that you must include and how to implement them

Every Important Part Of Course & Product Creation Is Covered


Course Table of Contents

Preface – The E Learning Market
Introduction – The Chunk Teaching Method

Module One – Decide On A Market

Module Two – Decide On A Topic For Your Niche

Module Three – Naming Your Course

Module Four – Create Your Course Outline

Module Five – Creating Your Course Content

Module Six – Pricing Your Course

Module Seven – How To Create A Compelling Profit Generating Sales letter For Your Course

Module Eight – Delivering Your Course & Getting Paid


Can You Make Money With Online Courses?

The Billion Dollar Companies Seen Below Are.

The Below Course Instructors Did.



Online learning platform Udemy announced today that it had raised an additional $50 million, boosting its valuation from the $2 billion it reported in February to $3.25 billion. 

Academic E-learning (also called electronic learning) is any type of learning that takes place through or with a computer and is primarily facilitated through the Internet but can also be accomplished with CD-ROMs and DVDs, streaming audio or video and other media.

According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Academic E-Learning Market accounted for $58.38 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $151.78 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 11.2% during the forecast period.

Orbis Research Reports on the 
E-Learning-Global Market Outlook (2016-2022)

According to Stratistics MRC, the Global E-Learning Market accounted for $165.21 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $275.10 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period.


Coursera is an American open online course provider. Forbes Reported That The Online Education Provider Coursera Is Worth $7 Billion In 2021.

Why Learn About Creating Courses With Bob Silber ?

“How To Create Your Irresistible Online Course In Any Niche” was created for you by Bob Silber based on his years of teaching and designing courses as a former adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University. 

Using his years of experience teaching university students he knows how to create a course that students enjoy while meeting their learning objectives.

Now you can put his years of knowledge to work for you by following his step-by-step instructions for creating your own profitable course to sell online. 

Additionally Bob has sponsored his own courses, conferences, seminars and workshops, throughout the U.S., teaching others the latest topics in numerous online  niches. 

Attorney Bob Silber is a trial attorney with over 40 years’ experience practicing in all State and Federal courts.

Bob is a former adjunct professor teaching business, Intellectual property and Internet law at Florida Atlantic University.

Bob has been an invited speaker at major Internet marketing conferences throughout the country and has sponsored his own conferences, seminars and workshops, providing attendees with the latest legal developments for operating their online businesses and other online subjects.

Living in Lighthouse Point, Florida Bob enjoys Internet marketing & creating products to help other entrepreneurs.

Read What Others Are Saying About Bob Silber …


Attorney Bob Silber is a true resource for anyone trying to maintain a safe and legal business presence online!
With decades of experience offline, online and at the University level, Dr. Silber has become my ‘Go To’ source anytime I need legal advice. Ethical, generous and reliable are the adjectives that come to mind when I think of Dr. Silber! Highly recommended!

Melody Wigdahl
Founder, PlroftheMonth.Club


“Let me tell you — I don’t make a legal move online without looking to Bob Silber. Bob’s expert advice saved me from certain legal liability several months ago — and on a separate occasion he gave me insight to help keep me and my entire network of clients LITERALLY in business.
I know, without a second’s hesitation, where I will turn for continued internet legal consultation, advice and up-to-the-minute information…and that’s Bob Silber.”

Jimmy D. Brown
Best-selling author


“The Internet law information you provided at the Big Seminar really opened my eyes! Thank you for helping me understand complex legal requirements quickly and easily.
I immediately added your information to my Website and books. What an extraordinary resource you are! Thank you.”

Pat Wyman, M.A.
Best Selling Author


“Bob Silber is the world’s pre-eminent expert on Internet Marketing Law.”

Mark Joyner
#1 Best-Selling Author of “The Great Formula”


“Thanks to Bob Silber I saved myself (and a super well-known marketer) a ton of money and a potential big-time liability. Bob showed me how this resale rights agreement I was about to enter in would be a very, very bad decision.

Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse. The Internet may be like the ‘Wild, Wild West’ but you still need to know how to navigate the legal quagmire waiting for you online — and that’s exactly what Bob can help you with!”

Yanik Silver
Best-selling author, “33 Days to Online Profits”


“Bob Silber has already saved me from a couple bad mistakes. There’s nothing worse than putting money into something and then finding out ‘later’ that you have to change it all.

If you wouldn’t go to a gun fight without a gun, don’t start a web site without Bob Silber.”

Allen Says
Warrior Founder


“When I returned from the Internet Marketing Super Conference IV, where I had heard Bob Silber speak, I had a letter from the FTC waiting for me.

The FTC had reviewed my alternative health website and found areas of non-compliance with their regulations. They threatened to fine me $11,000 per infraction and jail time, not to speak of shutting down my site, if I didn’t comply.

Interestingly enough, they didn’t mention any specific phrase or sentence that was out-of-compliance. They expected me to figure that out.
I called Bob and talked to him about it. His legal advice was a big help.”

Rufina James


“Bob, you do a great service to anyone with an Internet business. Overall, your presentation offered us the most valuable information, about how to protect, what we have worked so hard to build. We look forward to working with you.”

Jonathan Mizel
Author, speaker and marketing coach


“Thanks for an incredibly insightful and useful presentation. I did not realize the degree of exposure my business had. I also didn’t realize that so many different laws applied to an on-line business.

After fixing several glaring problems that you pointed out, my business is much more secure and in compliance with applicable regulations.”

Willie Crawford
Author & Internet Marketer


“As a copywriter, I truly understand the importance of being careful with everything you say, especially online. I recently had a case where I needed some direction with a client. Well, thank goodness for Bob Silber!

He’s a fountain of knowledge I would certainly never hesitate to tap into when I need legal help. If you have a website of any kind, you need Bob Silber … Now!

One single sentence could potentially jail you — or bankrupt you. So I urge you to listen to what he has to say.”

Michael Fortin
Salesletter Copywriter and Consultant


“Bob is a “brilliant” lawyer that knows his stuff — and because he’s also a marketer he knows exactly how to apply legal protection to projects, products and websites…

I’ve consulted with Bob several times over questions on projects or situations and he has always given me timely, headache saving advice. Marketing on and off the net is
fraught with legal situations that many of us aren’t aware of… Bob will give you the scoop on how to protect yourself and keep the “sharks” away.”

Tony Blake
Internet Marketer


“This is not just to the attendees, but everyone at the conference, including speakers and staff. … If you miss a word of his presentation, you are a damn fool.

It’s one of the most important things you are going to get at the seminar. In fact, going to his presentation, is worth the entire price of the seminar.”

Carl Galletti, Event Organizer


After 2 Days Of Seminar Speakers This Reviewer Said:

“Bob is known as THE expert on cyber law. He showed that in his presentation.

You know a speaker is hot when they only get ¼ through their presentation and spend the other ¾ answering attendee questions. This is exactly what happened.

His speech on cyber law had me wanting to run out and review each one of my websites sales copy immediately for FTC compliance!

Bob was very well prepared, comfortable, and knew his subject matter inside and out. He was very accommodating with the crowd and was a plain pleasure to listen to.

I enjoyed several of the speakers, but have to rate his as the best.”

10 out of 10

Keith Baxter
Reviewer of Marketing Related Products & Seminars

The more course related content you have to offer in your PLR course package, the  more sales you will make and the happier your customers will be.


So skyrocket your sales & choose the premium PLR plan now. Your investment is only $6.67 for each one of the 3 additional PLR components to resell to your customers.

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It doesn’t matter what level of experience you are, even if you are brand new and have never bought a license to a PLR product before now, you will have everything you need to get started immediately.


You can take the PLR content, put your name on it and use it as is or repurpose any of it to use in your products. 


Make Your Courses Bigger & Better Using Our Additional Course PLR Options. Your Customers Will Thank You For It.


After Completing This Course You Will Be Able To –

Rebrand & resell the PLR content
Create your own courses
Sell your own courses
Teach yourself & others to create memorable courses from scratch using one of 3 methods:
1. Using their knowledge and experience of a subject to create a course.
2. Learn about a topic by researching it like a high school book report.
3. Use and combine PLR content they have on any topic and turn it into a course.

What You Will Learn –

The fundamentals of course and product design.
The billion dollar E Learning market statistics
The chunk teaching method for your course or product.
How to decide on a market for your course or product.
How to decide on a topic for your course or product.
The factors to consider when naming your course or product.
How to create an effective outline for your course or product.
How to create content for your course or product.
The fundamentals of how to price your course or product.
How to create a compelling profit generating sales letter for your course or product.
How to deliver your course and get paid.



What Is Included?


Immediate download of course instructional materials for regular & premium course purchase.



Immediate download of course PLR mind map, PLR cheat sheet & PLR checklist for premium course purchase.

Who Is This Course For?

Any experience level from beginner to expert.
Anyone who wants to create a course for themselves or others.
Anyone wanting to grow their mailing list.
Anyone that wants a share of the E-learning market.
Anyone that wants to use PLR content to sell.
Anyone that wants to make their own product. 

Authors of books have a ready made source of content to turn into courses.


Online product creators have a ready made source of content to turn into courses.

Coaches can add courses to their list of services that they provide to clients.


Coaches, teachers, online marketers, & virtually anyone.

With online courses you can get new clients & customers. Once created your E-course is evergreen. You just set it & forget it while it works for you 24/7 every day of the year.

Using our guide you can get started today without learning everything from scratch even if you are a beginner.



Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:



What is this product:

The regular PLR course “How To Create Your Irresistible Online Course In Any Niche” is a 49 page, 7,501 word document, with 9 infographics, that teaches others how to create their own online E-courses. 


The premium PLR course has everything contained in the regular PLR course plus 3 additional related products with PLR rights for you to sell. 

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